Keith Harris


Keith Harris

About Keith Harris

Keith was born into a working-class family and, after a long, successful technical career, developed academic skills later in life. While working as a pastor in regional Queensland, he personally became aware of the topics of faith and disability. Researching, writing, and delivering several conference papers led up to the publication of “Faith in the Shadows: The Other Side of the Fence.” Keith lives with his wife and two daughters in Riverview, Queensland, Australia.

Writing & theology:

Today everyone wants answers for life. Through my podcast and books, I hope to bring answers to some of the questions we face today. I seek to bring, from a Biblical perspective, hope and light into a sometimes-confused world of God, disability and faith.

I approach this from the perspective of ‘living theology,’ that is, living out Biblical theology in dealing with life’s issues. Living theology is then the hope and faith that grace and good can be found even in the hard times. It is not living easy, but living eased through a good understanding of how the Bible works in this world today.

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