Keith Harris



In production: “Mary’s Story and Mary’s Colouring book.”

“Mary’s Story and Mary’s Colouring book.” In companion to “Faith in the Shadows” are two children’s books, Mary’s Story and Mary’s Colouring Book. These books are designed for ...
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In planning: “Faith in the Shadows"

“Faith in the Shadows: A Study Guide.” A study guide is in planning – writing to accompany “Faith in the Shadows” as a learning tool for churches, organisations and families
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In Writing: “Ezekiel:

“Ezekiel: God, Holiness and Grace”. A series of sermons on the OT book of Ezekiel. This series begins with an overview of the Book of Ezekiel and then starts at chapters 36-37.
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In Planning

“Field of flowers.” A journey from discovery through trauma to freedom from childhood abuse.
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